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I am a philosophy masterstudent, a writer and host of the podcast of "Transformatorenwerk Leipzig". I am interested in philosophy as practice - for creating one's life, for personal and emotional development and for a balanced and exciting life. My vision is to strengthen the person as a responsible subject which thinks and acts by itself while answering to the world it encounters.


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thinking boundlessly

Why is it that for most problems the solutions we find appear to be only working in the short run, before the next obstacle we haven't thought about before appears? Why do we find ourselves constantly faced with new and unexpected situations of problems we…

what do we do when we're not playing?

Pleasing the boss in order to set oneself in a good position before asking for a pay raise. Not messaging after the first date to arouse the other's interest. Keeping the bite on your plate you prefer most until the end instead of eating it…

the ambivalent nature of freedom

In philosophy there is a great deal of different views on what freedom is, whether human beings are free or can be free at all and the general role of freedom in human life. Some say we can't escape the deterministic nature of existence and…