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I am a philosophy masterstudent, a writer and host of the podcast of "Transformatorenwerk Leipzig". I am interested in philosophy as practice - for creating one's life, for personal and emotional development and for a balanced and exciting life. My vision is to strengthen the person as a responsible subject which thinks and acts by itself while answering to the world it encounters.


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on charisma

Many of us can't neglect the fact that they have thoughts about strangers, maybe even judge them, before having heard them speaking a word. We like or dislike the way someone walks, one's facial expressions or things we think to observe in someone's gaze. If…

why you don't need happiness

When people get asked about their life-goals, about what they strive and search for, a common answer is happiness. It seems to be legit and desirable to make happiness a human's life natural end, but what do we actually mean by using this apparently big word?…

being who I think I am

It's all good as it is Sometimes the changes I went through regarding my personality give me goosebumps. I see pictures, read through old journals and hear myself talking with my best friends about some bullshit I did I thought was cool, or even legit.

virtuous behavior and Corona

Critical situations like the one we all live in at the moment push people to their limits; mentally and physically. When life is upside down and nothing works like it did before, typically, change happens. This time, changes are cutting our social relationships, our work-lives,…